International Tattoo Supplies Directory

A curated directory of the best tattoo supply brands in the world.
The list includes both manufactures and distributors.

I Max ShopItalyDistributors
WorldWide Tattoo SupplyUSADistributors
Killer InkUKDistributors
Ultimate Tattoo SupplyUSADistributors
Magnum Tattoo SuppliesUKDistributors
Barber DTS Tattoo SuppliesUKDistributors
Titan Tattoo SupplyChinaDistributors
Kings Tattoo SupplyIndiaDistributors
Painful PleasuresUSADistributors
KingPin Tattoo SupplyUSADistributors
Limem Tattoo SupplyChinaDistributors
Tommy's SuppliesUSADistributors
Piranha Tattoo SuppliesPortugalDistributors
FYT SupplyUSANeedle Cartridges
CheyenneGermanyTattoo Machines, Power Supplies, Tubes/Tips/Grips
Hive CupsUSA   Ink Cups
ArtDriver Tattoo MachinesSpain    Tattoo Machines, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips
AVA Tattoo SupplyChina    Tattoo Machines, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips, Power Supplies, Ink Cups, Hygiene Supplies, Tattoo Studio Furniture
Bishop Tattoo SupplyUSATattoo Machines, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips, Distributors
InkJectaAustraliaTattoo Machines, Tubes/Tips/Grips, Machine Parts
Radiant ColorsUSATattoo Inks
World Famous Tattoo InkUSATattoo Inks
Revolution NeedlesPortugalNeedle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips
MusotokuSpainPower Supplies
T2 Tattoo EquipmentTaiwanTattoo Machines, Needle Cartridges, Power Supplies
Fusion Tattoo InkUSATattoo Inks
Critical Tattoo SupplyUSAPower Supplies
FK IronsUSATattoo Machines, Power Supplies, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips
Hummingbird RotaryChinaTattoo Machines, Distributors
Eternal InkUSATattoo Inks
Eikon DeviceCanadaPower Supplies, Distributors, Tattoo Machines, Tubes/Tips/Grips, Needle Cartridges
Lauro PaoliniItalyTattoo Machines, Machine Parts, Distributors, Power Supplies
IntenzeUSATattoo Inks, Ink Cups, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips, Hygiene Supplies
TATSoulUSAPower Supplies, Distributors, Tattoo Studio Furniture, Needle Cartridges, Tubes/Tips/Grips
Gravit Needle CartridgesVietnamNeedle Cartridges
Big Wasp Tattoo EquipmentChinaTattoo Machines, Needle Cartridges, Power Supplies, Machine Parts,
Bloodline Tattoo InksUSATattoo Inks
Balm TattooSpain    Skincare
Dermal SourceUSA    Skincare, Numbing & Anesthetics, Hygiene Supplies

ChromatiX Inks 

SpainTattoo Inks
Lev GroothandelNetherlands    Distributors
Rufner Tattoo SuppliesSpain    Distributors
Bronc Tattoo SupplyChinaTattoo Machines, Power Supplies, Ink Cups

General Services

Service providers for the tattoo industry.

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